Coming together , setting a goal, helping each other, deciding to help others, setbacks, continuing the with the goal. (Overcoming obstacles and meeting opportunities... )

Jan 2013 Start to train
Tylr 10K (First Group Run)
Tough Mudder
Beef and beer preperation
Feb 2014 Beef and Beer to raise awareness and support for wounded warriros (5,000 raised for cause)
2014 Goals Spartan Trifecta Sprint, Super, Beast
2014 Planning for 501(c)3 begins taking it to the next level
2014 various events and training runs through the year
2014 Oct -Dec finalizing F.E.S.S. U.P. and get fit with the Philly Misfits.
December 2015 Announcing F.E.S.S. U.P. and get fit with Philly Misfits.
January - Several members of the group decide not to go forward with 501(c)3. Plans put on hold
2016 Begin to expand F.E.S.S. U.P. and get fit with the philly misfits. No longer simply a physical fitness challenge!
2016 F.E.S.S U.P. and get fit for life. (Foundation, Fitness, Family, and Finance) A challenge to become the best version of yourself!
2017 Decide to submit 501(c)3 paperwork and press forward with plans to become nonprofit and expand into the Philly Misfit Nation...
2018 Obtained 501(c)3 status